is The Endgame of Branding. . .

There is nothing more powerful in the world of brands, than an I Like Me Better™ brand. Join me in the journey to create brands that inspire  people to take action, create insane loyalty, and remind people of the best of who they are.


Kennan’s TEDx Eustis talk, presented on January 29th, 2022 will be posted on some time in March 2022.  If you were there in person please give your feedback below and let’s keep in touch.

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I Like Me Better™ when I drive my Tesla in Ludicris mode!

I Like Me Better™ when I wear my lulu lemon leggings to the pilates class at my gym.

I Like Me Better™ when my Apple Watch says I completed my exercise goal for the day.

I Like Me Better™ when dog food arrives at my door from Chewy.

I Like Me Better™ when there is a Titleist Pro V1 on the tee.